8 Best Free Cross Stitch Design Software for Windows

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This is a list of top Cross Stitch Design Softwares for Windows. This list of cross stitch design software is free and will meet your embroidery needs. Others offer different embroidery views such as Symbols View, Half Tone view and Full view, Colors view and Stitches Preview. Some also have White Symbols view and Colored Symbols views. You’ve come to the right spot if you love cross stitching and want to download free software. You can download cross stitch software free of charge by looking at the following list. You can adjust the size of pixels and change colors, hide or show grid lines, as well as do many other things to your project.

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8 Best Free Cross Stitch Design Software for Windows

  1. Embroidery
  2. GIMP
  3. KG-Chart LE
  4. FreeStitch
  5. Scheme Maker
  6. Stitch Art Easy
  7. Crosti
  8. Cstitch


Embroidery- Cross Stitch Design Software for Windows

You can find a Windows 10 cross stitch free of cost. You will automatically create cross stitch images. Install embroidery Windows 10’s best cross-stitch design app is Embroidery. How to use the Embroidery app: Open an image in the app. It is possible to reduce the colors of an image prior to creating an embroidery pattern. Any image can be converted into cross-stitch images. Once you’re done, click the Create button to create this Windows 10 cross-stitch app.



GIMP is a popular, free image editing program. Cross stitch patterns can be created with GIMP. You have now created a pixelated picture. Here are the steps to convert an image into a cross stitch pattern using GIMP. Once you are done, print the image again and create a masterpiece. Use it as a pattern for Cross stitch design. You can adjust the size of each individual tile in your project according to your convenience.

3KG-Chart LE:

KG-Chart LE

free cross stitch design software. Cross stitch designs can be exported in only 8 formats. You cannot export your design in PDF format. Simply send the image you wish to convert to cross stitch and it will do that quickly. These include Bitmap, JPEG and PNG, TIFs, ICONs, TGAs, PGXs, Jpeg2000. This is a great free tool to convert images into cross stitch patterns. This free cross stitch software allows you to convert any image into an embroidering image in just a few simple steps.



FreeStitch is cross stitch design software that’s free for Windows. This software is quite old and hasn’t been updated in a while. This software is not recommended for cross-stitch design. The software allows you to zoom in or out on a cross-stitch pattern. This is why I included it here. Many important features are actually missing. The design you create here would therefore be almost pointless.

5Scheme Maker:

Scheme Maker- Cross Stitch Design Software for Windows

Scheme Maker is another cross-stitch pattern software that you can download for free on Windows. Cross stitch patterns can be created. This free cross stitch converter allows you to convert images. Then click on Detect button. Next, click on load button. Open an image in the software. This freeware allows you to create a cross stitch pattern from any image in three easy steps.

6Stitch Art Easy:

Stitch Art Easy- Cross Stitch Design Software for Windows

Stitch Art Easy is another free cross stitch design software. Please note that the latest versions of this software can be purchased, but it is still free. Let’s take a look at some of the features that this software offers: Once you are done, you can save the project as a PDF file. This cross stitch pattern software is free and easy to use. Below is a link to an older version. Once you are done, you can export your cross stitch pattern as a PDF.



Crosti is an open-source cross stitch design software that allows you to create free, cross-stitch designs for Windows. These are just a few of the features. To print your image, click on the print option in File menu. Cross stitch pattern can be saved as an image after you are done editing. First, open an image that you wish to create a pattern using the software. in different formats, like pdf, png, jpg, jpeg, etc. You can easily create stitched designs.



Cstitch, another cross stitch design program that is free, is also included in this list. These include PDF, JPG and JPEG. This software allows you to create a stitched design for any image. Take a look at: Cross stitch can be saved. As it is an executable file, this software doesn’t need to be installed on your computer. It can be run directly on your computer without the need to install it. To create a stitched design, select any image in your gallery and open it with Cstitch.

Our Final Verdict On Cross Stitch Design Software for Windows:-

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