8 Best Free IP Address Changer Software For Windows

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This is the best free IP address changer software for Windows. You will also learn how to change IP addresses and set default printers for networks using them. To allow you to use the same configurations with any computer, you can also Import and Export network profiles. This carefully curated list contains information about IP address changer software. Others automatically detect networks and switch to the appropriate profile. These software allow you to change your IP address manually or automatically. You can also Import or Export network profiles to allow you to use the same configurations on any other computer.

Some software allows you to manually select a network profile. These software can be used to modify your IP address manually, or automatically. Others detect networks automatically and switch to the correct profile. You can also set a default printer in some of the freeware to be used with a specific network profile. You can also check out the best free MAC Address Changer software for Windows and Network IP scanner software for Windows. Learn how to set default printers and change IP addresses for networks that use them. NetSetMan is my favorite program because of its advanced features.

These programs allow you to create multiple profiles on your computer so you can switch between them easily. This list is carefully curated and contains information about IP Address Changer Software. You can manually choose a network profile with some software. In addition to the auto IP Profile Change option, you can also set default printer. These programs enable you to create multiple profiles on the computer and allow you to easily switch between them. You can also set default printer in addition to the auto IP profile change option.

Software that can change your IP address is helpful when switching networks on your computer. This is the Best Free IP Address Changer software for Windows. Some of the freeware also allows you to set a default printer for a particular network profile. NetSetMan is my favorite software because of its advanced features. You’ll also find software that automatically retrieves IP configuration from a network as you go through the list. As you read the list, you’ll also learn about software that automatically obtains IP configuration from a network. Check out our free MAC Address Changer Software for Windows or Network IP scanner Software for Windows.

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8 Best Free IP Address Changer Software For Windows

  1. NetSetMan
  2. Shock IP Changer
  3. IPSharkk
  4. IP Shifter
  5. IP Changer
  6. Argon Network Switcher
  7. Free IP Switcher
  8. TCP IP Manager


NetSetMan-  IP Address Changer Software

NetSetMan is an IP Manager software that’s free and powerful. NetSetMan is a free and powerful IP Manager software. Further information is available about the network. Always enter the details manually. This software will automatically determine the IP address and DNS server of IP address profiles that you have created. A profile can be created for the network. This software can automatically obtain the IP address and DNS server for IP address profiles you have created.

It automatically switches IP configuration depending on the network it is connected to. Name, Add default printers to the network, Name Workgroup, LAN/Adapter etc. It can change the IP address of your computer. This powerful IP Manager software lets you change your IP address. This powerful IP Manager software allows you to change your IP address. Enter the details manually. If you own another PC, it is not necessary to create network profiles on that device.

You can also create a profile for the network. NetSetMan can be downloaded for free, but it cannot be used for commercial purposes. This is the best thing about it. You can always manually enter the details if the automatic detection fails. while switching between different networks. Configurations for different networks. If the automatic detection fails, you can manually enter the details.

Additional information about the network is available. Name, Add default printer to the network, Name the Workgroup, LAN/Adapter, etc. It can also change your IP address. There are options to import and export IP configuration profiles. It is not necessary for you to create network profiles if you have another computer. You have the option to export and import IP configuration profiles. NetSetMan is free and can only be used to non-commercial purposes.

2Shock IP Changer:

Shock IP Changer

Software that makes it easy to switch networks. It’s a simple tool that allows you to change your IP address. You can choose a default printer from the available network printers. Software that allows you to easily switch between networks. When creating a network profile, you have two choices: either the software will automatically detect IP and DNS or you can manually set Custom IP/or DNS. This IP changer software offers the same features mentioned above. You have two options when creating a network profile: either the software will detect IP and DNS automatically, or you can set Custom IP and/or DNS.

Simply select an IP configuration from the list and then run it to activate it. Multiple network profiles can be created for your network card on your PC. This IP changer software has the same features as the ones mentioned above. You can choose from the list of available network printers to be your default printer. It is a simple tool to change your IP address with very few options. If necessary, a network profile can be deleted and modified later. To activate an IP configuration, simply select it from the list.



IPSharkk allows you to surf anonymously online with a great IP changer. This software will change your public IP address, not the local IP. There will be multiple cities from the same country on the list. You can also only change 5 locations per hour and it only works with HTTP protocol. For example, New York, Tennessee and Okhlahoma. It allows anonymous surfing up to 150MB per day. IPSharkk is a great IP changer that allows you to surf anonymously on the internet.

This service requires you to subscribe. You can make any location your public IP. These restrictions should be lifted. These restrictions must be removed. New York, Tennessee, and Okhlahoma are some examples. I’m sorry to inform you that the free version IPSharkk comes with some limitations. Select any location to make it your public IP.

A list of different geographical locations will be displayed. Software to change your IP address This software will change your public address but not your local IP. software to change your IP address. It allows anonymous surfing of 150MB per day. The list will include multiple cities from the same nation. You will need to subscribe to this service. You will see a list of various geographical locations.

4IP Shifter:

IP Shifter

IP Shifter is not different. Except for the proxy options for browsers, IP Shifter is not like most of the IP address changing software. Enter the IP address for each network profile that you create. A list displays the profiles that have been added. To activate the configuration, select a profile and then apply it. IP address and DNS of the chosen network adapter. Manage the profiles added to your network by deleting, adding new profiles, or editing existing profiles.

5IP Changer:

IP Changer

IP Changer lets you save up to six IP configurations. It is simple to switch between saved configurations; just go to a profile, and then click Set it Active.. Simply go to a profile and click Set it Active. The current Network configuration can also be seen here. IP Changer allows you to save up to 6 IP configurations. It’s an open-source software to change IP addresses that works under Windows. Give each configuration a name and add subnet mask, IP address, default gateway, DNS server, WNS server.

You can also use it to set proxy, ping gateway, and ping website. It is an open-source program to change IP addresses and works under Windows. Each configuration should be given a name. Add subnet mask, IP address and default gateway to each configuration. This freeware can also be used to change IP address. It can also be used Ping Gateway, Set Proxy, and Ping Website. You can also see the current Network configuration here.

6Argon Network Switcher:

Argon Network Switcher-  IP Address Changer Software

It is open-source and advanced IP address changing software. It’s quite different and more advantageous than other software for changing IP addresses. How? How do you do it? You can also manually change your IP. You can manually change your IP by connecting to a network. It is an open-source, advanced IP address changer software. Or, you can enable Autorun which will detect and run a network profile based upon the network you are connected. How? How can you do it? You can manually alter your IP.

7Free IP Switcher:

Free IP Switcher-  IP Address Changer Software

It’s free and without cost. The free IP Switcher tool is very easy to use. IP configuration can be saved for. You will need to do this for each network profile. Multiple networks can be saved to save time and effort. This can be very useful if your computer/laptop needs to switch between several. You can also set the default printer in this IP changer software.

To connect to multiple networks, you can create multiple profiles. This will be required for each network profile. To save time and effort, multiple networks can be saved. You can quickly switch between configuration profiles to create different networks for your most used networks. These are the things you need to do. IP changer software for Windows. These are the steps you should take.

To quickly switch between configuration profiles, you can create different networks according to your most-used networks. It takes just one click to activate a profile and switch networks. You can save your IP configuration. It is a waste of time to modify your IP configuration. Modifying your IP configuration is a waste. IP changer software for Windows. Switching networks takes only one click It is easy to use the free IP Switcher tool.

8TCP IP Manager:

TCP IP Manager-  IP Address Changer Software

Open-source software that lets you change your IP address on your computer. This software also has the unique feature of allowing you to add multiple IP addresses to your network profile. You can also add multiple IP addresses into your network profile with this software. Open source software that allows you to change your IP address on your computer. TCP IP Manager can be used to configure Proxy server settings, Change Workgroup and MAC Spoofing. The best feature of this software is its ability switch between different networks profiles. This software’s highlight is its ability to switch between different network profiles.

Our Final Verdict On IP Address Changer Software:-

Finally, you read the detailed article on IP Address Changer Software, now you know which is a best one for you! I suggest you to read DNG Converter Online Websites.

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