11 Best Free JP2 Viewer Software For Windows

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Below is a list with the best JP2 Viewers for Windows. Some software allows you to add transition effects and image slide durations to slideshows. These tools allow you to perform simple-to-advanced image editing such as adding text, color adjustments, effects, filters and more. These JP2 viewers are free and offer image editing tools. These programs allow you to view and open JP2 files as well as JPEG200 and other image files. Check out the best free Raw Image Editor Software, Red Eye Remover Software and EXIF Editor Software. With the JP2 viewers, you can rotate images, zoom in and out, view full screen, flip vertically or horizontally, view slideshows, and view images in slideshow.

These allow you to view all images in a folder in a slideshow and also allow you to make image adjustments. These image software offer many image viewing tools. This list contains the best JP2 viewers for free. Others have a dedicated directory tree that allows you to find folders and choose images to view directly from the interface. These software can be used to view one JP2 file, or multiple JP2 files within a folder. However, they are primarily image viewers and do not interfere with image viewing.

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11 Best Free JP2 Viewer Software For Windows

  1. Universal Viewer
  2. IrfanView
  3. Free Opener
  4. FreeFileViewer
  5. Honeyview
  6. WildBit Viewer
  7. Vallen JPegger
  8. DIMIN Viewer
  9. XnView
  10. Nomacs Image Lounge
  11. FastStone Image Viewer

1Universal Viewer:

Universal Viewer-  JP2 Viewer Software

Universal Viewer is, as its name implies, a viewer that can view multiple file types. This software also supports a paid version. You can save more formats than the free version. Browse the directory tree to quickly find files you need. It can open images and texts, as well audio, video, HTML, and documents. This freeware can be used as a JP2 viewer, and you can also view JPC files. This viewer comes in different modes for each type of multimedia.



IrfanView, a well-known image viewer software, can also be used to view JP2 files. It supports many image formats, including JPEG2000 images. You can also view images from the same folder by clicking on an image. Zoom in, zoom out and rotate the slideshow to see images. You will also find image editing tools in this section. These tools allow you to make many modifications, modifications, effects, or filters to images. You can use it as a rich feature viewer.

3Free Opener:

Free Opener-  JP2 Viewer Software

Free Opener for Windows is a free file opening program that can open audios, images, and many other file types. It can be used as a JP2 viewer for your images to view and open them free of charge. You can zoom in, zoom out and navigate to other images within the JP2 folder. Here you can also do image editing. You can even layer edit images. You can use tools to select, draw, gradient, clone stamp and add text.



FreeFileViewer allows you to view multiple file formats just like Universal Viewer. It is easy to use and does not require multiple files to be viewed. Here you can view JP2 or JPC files. There is no option to view or slideshow other files within a folder. You can only open one file at a time.



Another free image viewer that allows you to view JP2 or JPC images is Honeyview. You can view images without or with slideshows. You may wish to view it later. You can also open other popular image formats, in addition to JPEG2000 images. You can bookmark an image. To view the EXIF information of a photo, click the EXIF button right above it. Click here to save an image.

6WildBit Viewer:

WildBit Viewer-  JP2 Viewer Software

WildBit Viewer allows you to view JP2 files alongside other JPEG200 images. You can set a photo to be your wallpaper. Click on the Editor option to open WildBit Editor for image editing. You can also view image information, such as EXIF, IPTC and Histogram. WildBit Editor is required. A multi screen image viewer option. This free JPEG2000 viewer software also offers this option.

7Vallen JPegger:

Vallen JPegger-  JP2 Viewer Software

Vallen JPegger allows you to view JP2 or JPC images free of charge. Other bitmap images can be viewed here. Scroll or use the navigation keys to see next or previous images in a folder. It supports over 25 languages including English, Chinese and Vietnamese. This software is a great choice if you’re looking for a multilingual JP2 reader. To view a photo in fullscreen, click on it. The interface displays all images from a particular folder.

This is a basic image viewer that. This free JP2 viewer also offers a duplicate image finder. This JP2 interface has a multilingual interface. You have the option to rotate, scale and rename. Images are also available. It allows you to view all images in a folder as slides. To browse the folder tree, select the images you wish to see.

8DIMIN Viewer:

DIMIN Viewer

It has amazing capabilities that make it an excellent JP2 viewer software. Full screen view shows images. You can navigate easily to all the photos in a folder once you have opened it. This free JP2 file viewer also offers basic image editing options. DIMIN Viewer offers memory caching and pretive caching for a quicker image viewing experience. You can also share your clipboard. Many effects can be applied to photos.



This is a richly featured image viewer that allows you to view JP2, JPEG2000 images and many other image files. The viewer allows you to navigate and view all images in the same folder. You can also use the navigation option. You can also apply filters, transformations and other effects to images in this image viewer. Tree Directory displays all images in a selected folder when you choose it. This free JP2 viewer software allows you to activate tiled view, which will allow you to view multiple JP2 files from one tab. You can make minor adjustments to your image.

You can use the Adjustment option. This allows you to quickly explore the images that you wish to see. You can either load an image file from the Tree directory browser directly or from the File menu. To view an image in a separate tab, click on it. For Brightness, Contrast and Gamma, Color Balances, Saturation Hue, Lightness and Levels. You can also choose to slideshow here. You can view an image full-screen, zoom in and out, rotate and flip the photo from the viewer panel.

10Nomacs Image Lounge:

Nomacs Image Lounge-  JP2 Viewer Software

Nomacs Image Lounge allows you to view JP2 files. Once you have opened a directory you can navigate back and forth to view all images one by one. Rotate, crop, zoom in, zoom away, resize, view full-screen, and much more. Slideshow tool is also available within this JP2 viewer. To view images, you can also open ZIP files or MS Office files. The JP2 viewer includes both common and advanced tools for viewing and editing images. Use them to create tilt shift, page extraction, MSI binarization and transform image.

11FastStone Image Viewer:

FastStone Image Viewer

FastStone Image Viewer allows you to browse the directory tree on your computer. It is easy to modify, add effects, adjust brightness, adjust colors, adjust color, adjust contrast, add text, remove red eyes, and much more to a photo. Here you can also batch edit JP2 photos. To view additional photos, use the scroll button or navigation buttons. To view all images in a folder, select it. You can also perform image editing with this freeware, just like IrfanView. Double-clicking on a JP2 image will open it in full screen.

Our Final Verdict On JP2 Viewer Software:-

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