4 Best Free School Management Software For Windows

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Below is a list of the Best Free School Management Softwares for Windows. Many of these software have features that allow students, teachers, and parents to login. Jasper School Management System might be the right choice if you’re looking for an easier school management tool. You can track student progress by updating results, comments, and activities regularly. I will show you how to set it up later. If you’re looking for advanced school management software, I recommend OpenSIS.

These reports can also be used to generate customized reports for parents, students, staff, parents, teachers, courses, and many other users. You can also check out the best interior design software, panorama software, and history cleaner software for windows. These software will be installed and you can get started. This software allows you to manage various aspects of school management. This allows for easy tracking of progress and attendance, as well as notifications, notices, updates, notices, and results. There are options to add students info, staff info, classes, courses, calendar, events, and many other information. These school management software are free and allow you to track student attendance as well as staff.

To learn more, check out this list of the best school management software. You will need to host these PHP files on the PHP server. Three of the four school management softwares mentioned are PHP web-based. These tools can be accessed online via their URL. It includes all the necessary features to monitor student activity and interact with parents. Only then will you be able access the school management tools globally or locally. These applications can only be run on a PHP server.

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4 Best Free School Management Software For Windows

  1. Jasper School Management System
  2. OpenSIS (Open Source)
  3. eduTrac Student Information System
  4. Gibbon

1Jasper School Management System:

Jasper School Management System-  School Management Software

Jasper School Management System. You will now need to import the Jasper database. You will need to log in with the default username and password for your first login, which are admin and admin respectively. You will need to install a database software on your server. Teacher rights include the ability to add students, add subjects and set questions. The jasper.sql file is included with the. This school manager software installation file is provided.

Create a password-protected user account with any name. Collect report card, collate report cards, track student performance, manage attendance, upload scores, view reports card, etc. Java-based school management software. Once you have loaded the sql file from Jasper database, start installing it on your local computer. (This school management software runs only when it is connected with a Jasper database). The teacher’s and students’ data can be reviewed by the head administrator, who can also issue notices. This free software allows teachers to perform various tasks to manage students.

Then create a new database under the name Jasper. After installing the software, you will need to configure it with the server’s database. Students can log in to their teacher accounts by creating student login IDs. After creating the profile of the head admin, you will need to log in again using the ID of the head administrator. You will now need to set up the school name, and the number of classes. You can then access this software to take. MySQL is a free database software.

You can now add Teachers and assign rights to them. This is the configuration section. Students cannot access other options than taking exams. It’s easy to use and allows you to easily manage student, teacher, class and other school-related data. This software is slightly different than the three previously mentioned. The software will now ask you to enter the details. Add your name and other details along with a photograph.

2OpenSIS (Open Source):

OpenSIS (Open Source)

OpenSIS is a free, open-source school management software that works on Windows, Linux, and MAC. class lists, student requests, etc. You can also generate attendance-based reports. The Grades tab is available to track student progress and generate reports in this free school management software. OpenSIS allows you to communicate with students and parents via messages. The Users tab is a crucial one as it allows you to perform various parent-based, staff and user-based operations. OpenSIS will first ask you to create a school schedule after you have installed it.

This option can be found under School Setup. You can also generate a Grade breakdown report, Student final grades report, GPA report and Honor roll report. You can also generate a Log report for a specific date. You can add students with many details, including name, photo, DOB and language. This school management software is rich in features that allows you to manage student activity, grades and curriculum. You can also create a student login ID to allow students to access their reports, progress and classes, as well as events. You can add staff members, parents, administrators, students, grades, progress reports, attendance and other administrative users.

This section allows you to define your working days, holidays and events. Scheduling allows you to view student schedules, add schedules, manage student requests, group schedules, and generate reports about schedules. It allows you to keep track of Students, Classes and Teachers. It is possible to track student attendance and add attendance or subtract absence. You can generate a calendar- and semester-wise progress report. You can add extracurricular activities to your curriculum and enroll students in them. You can create periods, assign periods for different classes, define Grade levels, Classrooms and add school information.

3eduTrac Student Information System:

eduTrac Student Information System

eduTrac Student Management System. It is still a great school management software, and I find it easy to use. Another open-source, free school management software. This free software for school management is very easy to use. A panel to the left of the interface contains all menu options. It does not store parental information, it doesn’t allow parents to login, and there is no way to upload employee/student info. You can manage Students, Employees and Courses.



Gibbon is a powerful and sophisticated school management tool that. Let’s learn more about this school management software. This free school management software has many other great features. Manage various aspects of a school. This software offers more than just the ability to register student information, teacher info, attendance, scores, and other details. Administrators grant users access rights to certain modules. Both students and teachers have access to login options that allow them to access resources, assessments as well as their timetables, planners, and other information.

Our Final Verdict On School Management Software:-

Finally, you read the detailed article on School Management Software, now you know which is a best one for you! I suggest you to read ZIP Password Unlocker Software.

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