10 Best Free Software To Clone Hard Drive

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This is a list with the best free software that can clone your hard drive. It’s very easy to use and creates a cloned hard drive in just a few steps. Easeus Todo backup is my favorite tool to clone hard drives. Cloning a drive copies its contents exactly as they are without any changes. Some software can be used to clone hard drives, while others allow you to perform other tasks, such as Backup, Restore and manage Virtual Hard Disks, Manage Disk Image, and so on. Simply copy the file to a flash drive, and then make it executable. OSFClone is also a good choice.

These hard drive cloner programs have a simple mode of operation. This software allows you to create a clone of an entire hard drive or a disk partition, and then save it to another drive. After you have assigned a Source drive, or Partition, you can choose a Target drive to save the clone and then start the process of cloning. It will take some time before a hard drive copy is created. Some are executable, others clone hard drives as bootable hard disk cloner. Some allow you to clone the entire hard drive at once, while others let you copy only certain partitions.

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10 Best Free Software To Clone Hard Drive

  1. Easeus Todo Backup
  2. AOMEI Backupper
  3. Macrium Reflect Free
  4. CloneDisk
  5. OSFClone
  6. HDClone 6 Free Edition
  7. Clonezilla
  8. XXClone
  9. DriveClone Free
  10. Acronis True Image WD Edition Software

1Easeus Todo Backup:

Easeus Todo Backup

Easeus Todo backup is a free program that allows you to. disk, wipe data, mount drive, unmount drive, etc. A pop-up appears that displays all connected disks and their partitions. It has two paid versions, Home and Workstation. This is, as the name implies, primarily a backup program with many backup options. These are the backup options available: Logs can be viewed if desired. Select a source partition that you wish to clone and then choose a target partition.

2AOMEI Backupper:

AOMEI Backupper- Software To Clone Hard Drive

AOMEI Backupper allows you to clone a hard disk for no cost. Go to the Clone tab in the interface. Partition Clone allows you to clone one disk partition at a time. Click on Clone to clone your hard drive. You will now need to choose a source disk that you want to copy and a destination disc where you want the clone to be stored. Before hard drive cloning, all data from the destination drive will be lost. You can create Disk, System, and Partition copies with the hard drive cloner.

3Macrium Reflect Free:

Macrium Reflect Free- Software To Clone Hard Drive

Macrium Reflect Free allows you to clone your hard drive quickly. This freeware allows you to create backups as well as restore them. Click on Clone This Disk to select the drive you wish to clone. View the Clone Hard Drive option. You can do manual hard drive copying, and you can schedule hard drive copying every day, weekly or monthly. If you wish, you can also create a disk image. Select the destination drive and begin the cloning process.


CloneDisk- Software To Clone Hard Drive

CloneDisk allows you to create a hard drive clone from an entire hard drive very easily. Drive is smaller than the target to avoid errors that could cause OS corruption. Click on Clone Disk to select the drive or partition you wish to clone. The Clone tab offers many options such as: Backup to image and Restore to image. You will need to close the pop-up window that appears and save the clone. The volume option lets you: Set volume offline/online, Format volume, Chkdisk, Extend volume, Shrink volume, Wipe volume , Clean volume, etc. Drive should be smaller than the target.



OSFClone is an OSFClone free bootable hard drive cloner program for Windows. It is very easy to follow, and you will be guided through each step. It is bootable by nature but it is very easy to use. Inadvertently selecting them in reverse order will cause your hard drive to be formatted. When selecting target and source drives, be careful. This is the best way to clone a hard drive.

6HDClone 6 Free Edition:

HDClone 6 Free Edition- Software To Clone Hard Drive

HDClone 6 free edition is a free edition with limited, but sufficient features. To clone HDD, you will need to purchase the paid version. After hard drive cloning has been completed, a summary with read errors and write errors is displayed. You can use the free version for personal and professional purposes. To create a hard drive clone click on the cloning button. Next, select the destination hard drive to save the copy and then start the cloning process. A verification is also provided if the cloning succeeded.


Clonezilla- Software To Clone Hard Drive

Clonezilla is an open-source disk imaging software that is. You can restore the cloned drive by following the steps below. Both can be tried, and both will work. You can simply load the ISO image onto a flash drive, or unzip Clonezilla’s zip file to the flash drive. Start the software on your computer and click on the Restore button to continue. You must make the flash drive bootable by using any of these tools. Follow these instructions to perform hard drive cloning quickly and easily.



XXClone, a simple-to-use hard drive clone program with advanced options, is available. Choose a Target volume in which you wish to save the cloned copy. By selecting any partition on a hard drive, you can clone it. Choose from one of the following Operation Modes: Choose from the following Advanced options Once you’ve set the parameters according to your requirements, click the Start button to start cloning the hard drive. You can set up various parameters before you start the hard drive copy.

9DriveClone Free:

DriveClone Free

DriveClone Free, another great software to clone hard drives is DriveClone Free. You will need a pro version to use it commercially. You will be prompted with a Warning when you click on the Continue button. After cloning, you can choose to close down your computer. Partition cloning is complete. You can clone your hard drive using the One-Time cloning feature. file before you write to the destination hard drive.

This software offers several options: One-time cloning, Multiple-time cloning/Mirror Drive (Incremental Cloning to quickly mirror your hard drive and protect it from any disasters), Clone convert into Virtual Machine files, Logs and Fix PC Boots Perfect Defrag Cloning allows you to defragment everything. Although it cannot clone all of your hard drives at once, it can clone one partition at a given time. The other section allows you to choose a destination partition or disk where the clone is stored. Click on the One-Time Cloning option to clone a partition. You can select a source partition or disk to clone. This free version can only be used for personal purposes. Incremental Cloning is possible by choosing the Multiple Time option.

10Acronis True Image WD Edition Software:

Acronis True Image WD Edition Software

Another good Windows hard drive cloner software is Acronis True Image WD Edition Software. Click on Clone Disk to open a pop-up window that allows you to choose between manual or automated cloning. GPT style (non-bootable drive). Finalize the cloning process by restarting your computer. Choose from the following options: Proportional, Manual, or As Is. You have two options: Copy partition with no changes or. Choose the destination disk where you want to store the clone.

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