11 Best Free Typing Games For Kids For Windows

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Here’s a list with the top Windows typing games for children. This collection of free typing games for children includes a variety of games such as Action Games and Shooting Games, Adventure Games and Funny Games. These typing games are designed for children, but they can also be enjoyed by adults. You can take your children on a space adventure in the Comet Zap mode. Browse the list and choose the one you like. Each mode has a different background and sound effect. Tux Typing is a great typing program for children.

This is how I teach typing to children. Although The Typing of the Dead is a favorite of mine, I won’t recommend it to children under the age of 6. Take your children to space in the Comet Zap mode. These cool typing games can help kids learn how to type quickly and easily. These fun typing games will help children learn to type quickly. This list includes lessons in typing, so children can learn to type. Let me briefly review each of these typing games for children.

To complete a level, you must type the alphabet, number, or word displayed on the screen. There will be some funny sound effects, and some amazing graphics. Tux Typing is an excellent typing program for children. There are two play modes. Simply type the word on your computer’s display to do this. These games have funny sound effects and good graphics, so kids won’t get bored while typing. You must enter the number, alphabet or word shown on the screen to complete a level.

All typing games have the same concept of playing. All typing games share the same idea of playing. There are two play modes, and each mode has different background and sound effects. They are primarily concerned with preventing the spaceship from being struck by comets. This typing game was inspired by \”The House of the Dead 2\”, a well-known shooting game. Some of the games on this list include lessons in typing so that children can start to learn how to type. These games feature funny sound effects and great graphics so that kids will not get bored typing.

You will find funny sound effects and amazing graphics. The Typing of the Dead is a favourite of mine but I wouldn’t recommend it for children younger than 6. You might also enjoy Best Free Paint Software For Kids, Best Free Interior Design Software and Best Free Drawing Software. According to me, this is the only game on the list that isn’t suitable for children under five years old. This is, according to me, the only game that’s not suitable for children younger than five years. Their primary goal is to keep Penguin’s spaceship safe from being hit by comets. It will also include a cute penguin as well as a spaceship.

To kill the monsters trying to escape, you will have to go into a haunted castle. This typing game is inspired by \”The House of the Dead 2\”, a famous shooting game. Tux Typing and The Typing of the Dead are my favorite tutors for children. This collection of typing games for kids includes many games like Action Games and Shooting Games as well as Adventure Games and Funny Games. My favorite tutors for kids are Tux Typing or The Typing of the Dead. This is my favorite way to teach typing to children. Let me briefly discuss each of these games for children.

Typing of the Dead is the best game to learn typing. Browse through the list and select the one that interests you. These typing games were created for children but can be enjoyed by anyone. This is a list of the best Windows typing games for kids. You may also like Best Free Paint Software for Kids, Best Free Interior Design Software, and Best Free Drawing Software. Typing of the Dead, is the best way to learn typing.

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11 Best Free Typing Games For Kids For Windows

  1. The Typing of the Dead
  2. Typing Master 10
  3. Typing Defender
  4. Typing Fingers LT
  5. Mario Teaches Typing
  6. Zombie Typocalypse
  7. Tux Typing
  8. Air Typer
  9. Desert typing
  10. Typing Invaders
  11. TypeFaster

1The Typing of the Dead:

The Typing of the Dead-  Typing Games For Kids

Are you a fan of scary games? Get The Typing of the Dead to enter the world of the dead. The Typing of the Dead, overall, is a fun game that is great for people who enjoy playing scary games. They are rapidly growing and they are confined to the castle. You must quickly type every phrase on the screen correctly and as fast you can. You’re entering a haunted castle. You can play this free typing game in several modes, including Original mode and Training mode as well as Drill mode, Network mode and Boss mode. The Boss mode is the most difficult.

This is the best way for you to learn how to type. Your task is to eliminate them all before they get loose. In each level, you will only get three lives. The story and graphics of this game are identical with The House of the Dead 2. You can type quickly, but the game is too scary for children under 6. To kill the monsters, you must type the letters or words displayed on the computer’s screen. There are many supernatural creatures, ghosts, and monsters in this castle.

2Typing Master 10:

Typing Master 10

Typing Master 10 for Windows is another game for children. It runs in the background and counts every word you type. The Bubble mode allows kids to quickly type an alphabet on the screen and shoot all the bubbles. You can learn how to type using the Studying mode. This software includes games that can be used to teach children how to type. This typing-freeware is appropriate for all ages. The typing software is suitable for children and comes with four types of games.

These include WordTris, Clouds and Bubbles. This software has a Typing Meter, which I found to be a great feature. It supports more languages than 20 keyboards. They must burst clouds in Clouds mode. You can also adjust the length of the typing test to suit your practice. Typing Meter will allow you to see how many words you can type per minute. ABC Speed mode is used to test your typing speed.

3Typing Defender:

Typing Defender-  Typing Games For Kids

Another is Typing Defender. Every time you miss a target, the shield of Earth weakens. It has a child-friendly interface that makes it easy to use. Windows 10 is a free typing app. There are 10 stages and each stage has a different difficulty level. For children in the smallest age ranges. You can destroy spaceships by pressing the keys on your keyboard.

4Typing Fingers LT:

Typing Fingers LT-  Typing Games For Kids

Typing FingersLT is a typing game for children for Windows 10. It was created especially for children. This free typing game is also available for children with 6 backgrounds. The Microsoft Store has the game. These are the features that make this software more appealing and interesting for children. The main goal is to eliminate all alphabets and words by typing fast before they fall onto your keyboard. The keyboard has great graphics and funny sound effects, so kids won’t get bored while typing.

5Mario Teaches Typing:

Mario Teaches Typing

Mario Teaches Typing is a free game that teaches children how to type. The screen displays letters and children. The fourth level includes letters in random order. The game’s first level will show children where each letter can be found on a keyboard. Your kids can play Mario while they learn to type! This game is easy to learn. When I tried it, it didn’t work. It didn’t work when I was testing it.

Children must complete the level by entering the entire sentence. This game is more appealing and more interesting to kids thanks to its good graphics and the humorous sound effects. Learn how to properly type in the demo mode. The second level is slightly harder than the first. To help you overcome your obstacles, let me tell you about the amazing typing tutor that is available for children. It is based upon the game Mario. The game’s humorous sound effects and good graphics make it more attractive and appealing to children.

Another interesting aspect of the game is the ability to display your accuracy, number and type of keys, errors, words/minute, and completion time for each level. You can let your kids play Mario while you teach them how to type! This game is simple to learn. It is based on the Mario game. The collection sentences are at the third level. You can also learn how to correctly type in the demo mode. To overcome obstacles Let me now explain the features and benefits of this amazing typing tutor for children. Mario Typing offers five levels with their own background music and music.

The third level contains the collection sentences. Mario Typing has five levels, each with its own background music and music. Children must enter the words shown on the screen. To complete the level, children must type the entire sentence on the screen. Mario Teaches Typing, a game that teaches typing to children, is free. Here, children must type the words displayed on the screen. The game also allows you to track your accuracy, number of keys, type, errors, words/minute and time taken to complete each level.

The first level of the game will teach children where each letter is located on a keyboard. The fifth level did not work. The second level is slightly more difficult than the previous one. The keyboard keys will be required. You will need to use the keyboard keys. The fourth level contains letters in random order. The fifth level didn’t work.

6Zombie Typocalypse:

Zombie Typocalypse

Zombie Typocalypse, a free typing game for children, is available. Children can choose any level according to their practice. Flash Player is required for the game to work properly. Protect yourself against the Zombies Simply type the following words to kill Zombies: This game is fun to play with kids thanks to its great graphics and sound effects. After extracting the file, the computer will create a folder with the game. It has a simple interface for children that makes it easy to comprehend. Just right-click on the SWF file to select the browser where you want to launch the game.

7Tux Typing:

Tux Typing-  Typing Games For Kids

Tux Typing, a Windows-based typing game for kids, is free. To finish a level, you will need to have a set number of lives. These modes include a large number of words from different categories like Short Words and Medium Words as well as Names of Trees, Animals and Numbers of Plants, Oceans, Shapes and More. You will only get a certain number of lives to finish a level. This game’s Lessons mode offers typing lessons for children. By playing Tux Typing, children can quickly learn how to type. Each mode comes with a background that will keep your child interested and engaged as they type.

There are two play modes and one lesson mode. Tux Typing is a Windows-based free typing game that kids can enjoy. These modes contain a wide range of words from various categories, such as Short Words and Middle Words, as well as Names of Trees or Animals. This game is a great choice for keyboard practice for children because of its cute Penguin character, excellent sound effects and graphics. There are two modes of play and one lesson mode. This software is great for children and allows them to learn how to type quickly. Comet Zap and Fish Cascade are the two modes that this typing tutor for children offers.

Children can learn to type quickly by playing Tux Typing Fish Cascade mode asks that the user type their name to allow Penguins to eat them. Each mode has a different background to keep your children interested and engaged while they type. Children must use Comet Zap mode to protect Penguin’s spaceship and destroy all comets. They will be able locate the keys on their keyboards and can then use them to type. Fish Cascade mode requires that they type their name on the screen in order for Penguin to eat them. In Comet Zap mode, children must protect Penguin’s spaceship by destroying all comets. The Lessons mode of this game offers typing lessons to children, where they will be able to locate the keys on their keyboards.

8Air Typer:

Air Typer

Air Typer is a Windows-based, free typing game that children can enjoy. You can press any key to complete the word that you have started typing, before you move on to the next. There will be many levels of difficulty and excitement. You will find many thrilling levels and increasing difficulty. While playing the game, there are some things you should keep in mind. Children will need to type the text on the planes in order to defeat them. This software was created for children.

By pressing any key, you can complete the word you’ve started typing before moving on to another. This software is designed for children and teaches typing with fun. Each level will give you three lives. This game will teach children how quickly to type. On the screen, you can see how many planes they missed. To defeat the planes, children will have to type the text. There are some things to keep in mind while playing the game.

It has great graphics and cool sound effects, so kids won’t get bored typing. Each level gives you three lives. This game will teach children how to type quickly. It teaches typing with fun. You can see which planes were missed on the screen. Air Typer is a Windows-based free typing game that kids can enjoy. It features great graphics and cool sound effects so that kids will not get bored when they type.

9Desert typing:

Desert typing

Free typing game for Windows for children. The screen will show you your score and any missed targets. By typing the letter or word they contain, you can burst the clouds. This is my favorite way to teach them typing. It has a simple interface that kids can use to play the game. Each level grants you 5 lives. This is one of the best ways to teach typing.

10Typing Invaders:

Typing Invaders-  Typing Games For Kids

Typing Invaders is a great free typing game for kids that teaches kids how to type quickly and easily. These characters can be alphabetical or special. To fire bullets, you just need to press the highlighted character on the screen. You can move one step left or right by pressing characters other than those highlighted. This game’s main objective is to eliminate all alien invaders. Three characters are displayed at once on the game screen. This tutor is free for children and offers three levels: Intermediate, Advanced, and Beginner.


TypeFaster-  Typing Games For Kids

TypeFaster is a Windows-based typing game that kids can play for free. They simply have to type the word on the screen. A level can only be completed by three people. It’s great for kids and adults. You can adjust the font size and view your progress in the software. The shooting game in the software allows kids to practice typing. You can use the software to practice typing by downloading more than 10 lessons.

Our Final Verdict On Typing Games For Kids:-

Finally, you read the detailed article on Typing Games For Kids, now you know which is a best one for you! I suggest you to read EPUB to JPG Converter Online Websites.

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