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clownfish voice changer is a best voice changer tools to change your voice easily which you can free download from our site via direct link by single click. Our site let’s you clownfish discord. It is a best voice mod by getintopc.

Clownfish Voice Changer Download/Discord

clownfish voice changer download

The most important port of clownfish voice changer is easy to use and provides easy access to a number of main tools of this program. To make the most of this Clownfish technologies, you have to install it to the catch device of your choice. The program can also be compatible with VST plugin standard. You do not have to do any job to begin, and you’re able to enjoy the benefits straight away. Settings may be modifiable from inside the application once it’s been completely installed. However, this tool is much more than only a solid changer.

Voice helper can be obtained via a different UI window using a voice selector along with a text area. You do not have to use the presets in case you do not need to. Generally – your voice is going to likely be modified from Steam, Skype, Hangouts, ooVoo, Viber, Ekiga, Jitsi, Ventrilo, TeamSpeak, Mumble, Discord, etc.. If you would like to install it on other devices you can do this here. The broadcasts are numerous and may be utilized, largely, to play jokes on your telephone, record videos by simply modifying the voice or on video game chats so as to provide a humorous touch for your games. You can also download Malwarebytes.

how to use clownfish voice changer

This program is capable of modifying the consumer’s voice in real time, dispersing it to all programs as the user talks with their mic. To utilize Clownfish as voice changer you need to install it to the capture device you wish to modify. This window has been opened from Establish Voice Changer choice in main menu. Following a short installation, the program will be ready for use. It is installed system level so each program which uses mic or other sound capture device is going to be impacted. This can be an increasing windows developed product for its particular usage of being designed for windows Skype merchandise.

Clownfish Voice Changer is a program for altering your voice. When Hear mic option is checked you’ll have the ability to listen to your modified voice. You are able to get a variety of presets — from alien listeners to mutation effects, clone effects, robot, or even radio outcomes. Clownfish Voice Changer operates on all Windows operating systems while it also includes an additional all-natural strategy. This window has been opened from Installation option in main menu. In certain rare situations, you’ll also have to reinstall your music driver program. You will also have a music player available. If you would like to prevent all result press Clear influence button. Double-clicking on icon turns off and on the program.

Flexible program to change your Voice

To ensure that the program has all of the required permissions, it’s suggested to conduct it in Administrator mode, which Enhancements from the Windows Sound drivers have been turned off. It is a very simple but powerful and absolutely free application which can allow you to use different sound effects and presets to conceal your voice and change its tone. Audio playlist window includes song list, buttons for easy handling of a playlist, audio volume controller, and a text area for incorporating online video/audio feed. The center part of this program is your Voice Changer listing which has premade presets for simple transformation of this voice Mut plus a slider to get a customized pitch. Additionally, it also contains a music player, so it is a flexible program which you can use to have any fun or to attain some actual work.

clownfish voice changer not working/How to fix clownfish voice changer

clownfish voice changer not working

Here are 3 Reasons why clownfish voice changer not working, you can fix it by solving them.

  • Install the Clownfish in the default folder
  • Installing microphone in Clownfish
  • Update Clownfish App/Download Latest version

Or do you want to modify your voice for if you are calling somebody? Clownfish Voice Changer comes equally at the 32bit and 64bit setup packages and is essential to be aware the 64bit program can’t be installed onto a 32bit version of Windows OS. It’s produced to function on the system level prior to any audio is dispersed to some other recording or chat program you’re running.

Clownfish Voice Changer is a program that’s capable of altering recipients in real time so that you may use it in almost any VoIP applications, like Skype or Viber to make forecasts and even in videogame chat platforms like Steam or Discord. If you want to restore all of your default audio card configurations, all you want to do would be to re install Clownfish. Main Voice Changer Window – here you pick active voice impact. Installing/Removing Clownfish requires Administrative rights. Yet another fantastic thing about it’s you can personalize the voices by yourself, too. Once you right click on this icon primary control menu will appear. It’s possible to manually correct the audio of the consumer’s voice.

The very best thing about this instrument is that it’s some wonderful presets you can use to changing your voice. Whether it is to prank your friends, have fun with strangers, or even to conceal your voice when you speak to other individuals. You then will need technical applications which can allow you to attain that. Clownfish Voice Changer is a sound processing free program that may alter the sound of your own voice in a few straightforward clicks. Several packages will likely be necessary to locate a complete selection of voice effects and also much more added details. It can help you perform various music and sounds along the way and also make playlists. When empowered the icon becomes coloured.

The installation file is core and small parts are going to have the ability to be totally downloaded in only minutes nevertheless, the application system will probably require additional tools to operate to maximum efficiency. Are you really looking to have some fun with your voice? You could also save the sounds that you produce and send them share them with your own friends and strangers. After you begin the program Voice Changer emblem icon will show up in Windows traybar.

By default Clownfish is set up on default sound capture device. Clownfish Voice Changer can help you attain that. The most crucial software which utilize are Skype, TeamSpeak, Discord, Mumble, Viber, Ekiga, Jitsi, or even Hangouts. By VST Effects menu it’s possible to configure and manage your own VST plugins.


  1. Constructed in sounds on the platform.
  2. Easily modify your voice prior to shooting it or sharing it through chat programs.
  3. Text to speech reader.
  4. Simple to perform installation processes as the applications only requires users to keep to click as it’s being installed.
  5. Produce your personalized voice pitch.
  6. Integrated service for Virtual Studio Technology plugins.
  7. Has a lot of different voice options to get a digital helper.
  8. Use over a dozen preinstalled voice presets.
  9. The merchandise contains 14+ voice impacts out there.
  10. Audio player utilizing keyboard shortcut.
  11. Audio Player with playlist and sound controllers.
  12. It’s an accessible music player with increased sound controllers.
  13. The writers of the product are Shark Labs for Windows use.
  14. Virtual Studio Technology plugin service.
  15. It’s a really modest base program program with different additional applications programs for complete usage.
  16. When the item has been installed it’s going to have to have the ability to use the apparatus microphone setting.
  17. The program also includes a voice helper that will handle text to talk seamlessly for users needing a digital helper.
  18. Audio Player with pre-built and custom sounds.

Download Full Setup 64bit [633 KB]

Download Full Setup 32bit [600 KB]

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