Grammarly Premium Review: Features, Price, Tools (Pros & Cons)

Grammarly Premium is a Breathtaking software. When it comes to fixing your grammar and spelling mistakes. It is not just like a normal spelling checker it can do a lot more. Grammarly can integrate with Browsers and any Microsoft Office Product easily. After that, you can fix your mistakes while typing anywhere on the web. Moreover, if you are a student or doing a job and creating a document. Then we all know that Microsoft Office also has a spell check but it’s not that advance. And the features are limited to the office. But Grammarly is an astonishing software that can help you fix all your grammar mistakes. There is a lot more to discuss this software. So, stay with us right on this page for your good.

What is Grammarly Premium?

Grammarly Premium can help you write engaging and polishing content quickly. As we are living in a digital world. So, everything we type is digital. No matter if we are a student creating presentations or a thesis. Moreover, even if we are employed in a company or business owners. We need to create documents and send emails. But we don’t know if we are mistakes or not. So, it’s a very lightweight tool that will help you write your emails and documents.

It comes with tons of other tools like Tone Detection, Citation, Style Guides, Snippets, and more. That can help you write a piece of content that is very unique. Moreover, it has a Plagiarism Checker feature too using this feature you can check for the uniqueness of your content. It will help you write even more unique and one-of-a-kind content. That your audience will love to read as it will be easier for them to read.

When we are writing anything it can be a document, email, article, or anything. We always think about conveying over message properly to the reader. So, it has a Clarity feature that will help you fix the words that are difficult to read. If you are using any word that will be difficult to read or break the Flow of the Sentence. Then Grammarly will simply highlight that word. After that, you can simply scroll over there and you will see all the alternate suggestions. And you can fix them with a click.

Features of Grammarly Premium

This software can help you make the most unique and astonishing type of content. Moreover, it is mostly being used by Freelancers and Students all over the World. There are Millions of people who are already using this software. If you are new and didn’t know about Grammarly prior. Then there are some of the features that are top notch we are about to discuss them below. After reading them out you will love this software even more.

Easy & User-Friendly

The interface of this software is user-friendly. There are much of software that can help you correct your grammar mistakes. But there isn’t any software that can provide you with these many features in a handy UI. UI and UX Design is completely emerging and even a lame can learn to easily use this software. Simple, interactive, and user-friendly interface.

Fix your Grammer, Spelling & Punctuation Mistakes

When typing on a phone or using the keyboard to type we make a lot of mistakes. And when it comes to fixing them. We need to hover over each mistake and fix them one by one. Above all, the mistakes we can fix are also limited. So, which means that after wasting so much time we are up to nothing. But, if you think that you are not unlike other people. Then you can simply Download and Install Grammarly Premium. With it, you can easily fix all of your Grammer, Spelling, and Punctuation Mistakes easily with many other tools.

Write With Clarity

Everyone can write but there are only a few who can write what others can understand easily. So, if you can also write but bad at conveying your message properly. Then you should try this software without even thinking. We write a lot of words and sentences that are difficult to read. More importantly, they might be breaking the flow of the reader. Due to this, the user might now find the content interesting to read. So, Grammarly Premium will help you easily write anything you want with clarity and flow. Just to make sure that you are conveying your message in a flow.

Engage your Audience

If you are a writer then it can help you engage with your audience. As a writer, we all know the importance of audience. Because if there is no one to read then there will be no one to write. So, if you want to write engaging content without doing too much effort. Then Grammarly is the tool that can help you around. You can quickly turn your Basic and Average writing to Advance.

Tone Detection & Suggestions

As we all are not the same just like that we all can not write the same. In simple words, we all write differently and everyone’s way or method of conveying information is completely different. What this software does is that it will detect the tone in which you write. And after that, it will give you all the suggestions regarding your tone. So, that you can type more clearly and easily.

Palgiarism Checker

We all know that the content we are writing might not be unique. So, when it comes to checking the uniqueness of anything we have written. We simply check for the Plagiarism of that content. And if you want to check your content uniqueness then you don’t have to use any other software. You have a very advanced plagiarism check with this software. So, you can simply check for the uniqueness of your content.

How much does Grammarly Premium Cost?

Grammarly Individual Plan

In the Individual Plan Grammarly comes with three different subscriptions. The first one is Monthly, Second Quarterly, and Lastly Annual Subscription.

  • Monthly Subscription: $30 USD for One Month.
  • Quarterly Subscription: $60 USD for Three Months.
  • Annual Subscription: $144 USD for One Year.

Grammarly Buisness Plan

Grammarly Buisness Plan has Monthly and Annual Subscriptions.

Monthly Subscription: Monthly Subscription is $25.

Annual Subscription: Annual Subscription depends on the number of members.

  • 3 to 9 members: $12.50/member/month
  • 10 to 49 members: $12.08/member/month
  • 50 to 149 members: $11.67/member/month

Pros and Cons of Grammarly Premium

The Pros

  • Easy to use.
  • Write engaging and user-friendly content.
  • Fix your spelling and grammar mistakes easily.
  • Helps you Improve your vocabulary.
  • Check Plagiarism in your content.
  • Write with more Clarity.
  • Tons Detection and Suggestion.
  • Fix and Rewrite the whole sentence at once.
  • Works with every famous Browser and is also available for Windows.
  • and more.

The Cons

  • Only works best in English.
  • Doesn’t always works accordingly.
  • Lags sometimes when editing larger text.
  • Requires internet connection.

Final Verdict!

Whether we are using over Phone, PC, or Laptop. We all use them to mostly type documents on the web and more. What if there is a tool that can help you fix the spelling mistakes that you are making. So, Grammarly Premium can be that software for you. As it has all the latest tools that you need to fix your Punctuation and Grammar Mistakes. Moreover, it has Tone Detection, Citation, Tone Suggestion, Plagiarism Detection, Different Varieties for individual sentences, and more. It comes pre-packed with all of these tools so i think it’s insane. If you also really want to write without fearing the mistakes you make. Then Grammarly has got you.

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