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Today, I’m going to share a articlw which tells you how to alphabetize in Excel. Here I will tell you 2 method the first is sort and second is filter. which is provided by getintopc.

How to Alphabetize in Excel

Method 1- Sort

  • Step 1: To Alphabetize in Excel, click on Sort, press the Data Navigate to the Data Ribbon, press Sort and select the column which you want to Alphabetize. And select the data which you want to Alphabetize. Yo can choose on column or multiple columns if you want.
  • Step 2: When the information will highlight, access the Data Ribbon and choose the Sort function. Then a box will appear and you will be Prompt to select the column you want to Alphabetize from A to Z or if you want Reverse-Alphabetize from Z to A.
  • Step 3: Click OK and see your results. If you want to Undo the Sorting, you may Undo the action through clicking Ctrl + Z.

Method 2- Filter

  • Step 1: Choose the data you want to Alphabetize or any addition columns which you want to be included.
  • Step 2: after select the information, access the Data Ribbon and press Filters. It will add a small drop down arrow at the top of every column which you want to Alphabetize, and choose A to Z or Z to A.
  • Step 3: Now you can sort any column in table and Alphabetize by pressing the arrow.

Put things in Alphabetize Order:

Too sort a range:

  1. Choose the cell range which you want to sort.
  2. Choose the Data tab on the Ribbon and then press the Sort command.
  3. There will appear a Sort Dialogue Box.
  4. Decide the Sorting Order.
  5. If you satisfied with your selection, then press OK.
  6. Cell Range will be Sorted by choose column.

Alphabetize Last Name in Excel

Press on the Sort Ascending A to Z button at the Standard Toolbar. The whole group of names will be sorted by last name. From these simple methods, you can Alphabetize everything in Excel.

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