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When Someone uses Facebook, He/She often need to Change His/Her Facebook Details. Changing in your Password maybe required because your current Facebook Password maybe exposed, It is provided by get in to pc.

How to Change Password in Facebook

Change Facebook Password on your Android Phone:

To Change Facebook Password on your Phone, you must have Facebook App or any Web Browser. Otherwise, go to Google Play Store and download required App.

Change Facebook Password:

  1. Get the Facebook App on your Mobile Phone
  2. Click at the top right of Facebook
  3. Scroll down and Click on Settings & Privacy, and the, Press on Settings
  4. Press on Security and Login, then Press on Change Password
  5. Type your recent and new Password
  6. Press “Save Changes’

Change Facebook password on iPhone:

  1. Open Facebook on your iPhone and Click the tab with 3 lines at bottom right of Facebook
  2. Swipe down and Select Settings & privacy, and then Click Privacy Shortcuts.
  3. Swipe down a little more and Click Change your password

To Reset Your Password if you Forgot:

  • Click on Forgot Password?.
  • Write you Email, Phone number, Username which is given on your account, then Click on Search.

How Cab Find Facebook password on PC…?

Go to the Settings and Press on the Privacy & Security option which are given on the left side. Find the Password and Click Manage Saved Password. After finishing these steps, you will see a list of Saved Login Names and Passwords. Find your Facebook account and click the Show button given next to it.

How to Change Facebook Password on Web Browser

  1. Open the Facebook Website on a Web Browser and at the upper right corner of your display, Press the down-Word-Facing arrow to show a drop-down menu.
  2. Press on “Settings & Privacy” and then click on “Settings”, which will take you on the General Account Settings page.
  3. In the menu at the left side of Screen, Press “Security & Login”.
  4. To select the Login and then to the “Change Password” click on Edit. A Larger and Complexed Password may helps your Account more safe.
  5. Write your Current Password and then Enter a new Password, then Enter again to Confirm.
  6. Press “Save Changes” and Confirm New Password.

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