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Your Window 10 password is very important. If you have doubt that someone has your password, you can change your Password and make your Window safe. Window gives you three options (password, pin and picture) to secure your device. We have some simple steps to Change Your Password.

How to Change Password in Window 10

Password always comprising a combination of letters and number. Password has usually 8 characters. We advise everyone to use a alphanumeric password because alphanumeric password will be safer. You can Also use a pin or picture as your password.

Change Password in Window 10

1. Press the Start button at the bottom of screen.

2. Click Settings

4. Select Sign.in options given in menu.

3. Click on Accounts.

5. Click on Change under Change account password.

6. For the purpose of change password, you have to sign in your current password. Enter Your Current Password in the Box and the Sign.in.

7. Microsoft will send you a code for change your password through phone number which associated with your account. Enter last four digits of phone number to verify thats its correct number. Then Press Enter.

8. You will receive a code on phone. Enter the code.

9. A new page will direct you to enter your old password and then type in a new password whatever you want. Reenter the new Password. Press Enter.


Every Victim of cybercrime and hacking attack have something same, Week Password, which helps hackers. Therefore, when cyber criminals access your operating system, the steal everything. they steal your data and can control your device easily. So, keep your password safe so no one can steal it.

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