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What is RAM?

RAM is the physical working memory that a computer uses. All your data stored here like, files application and other data for quick access. A RAM is Stands for Random Access Memory. RAM is different from computer’s SSD or hard drive because RAM is faster than SSD or hard drive. When you open a file, it is moved to RAM from System Storage automatically. If you have more RAM. you can do more at once.

How to Check RAM Speed

In Window 10, you can Check Speed with Taskbar:

  • Right click your taskbar and choose Task Manager. You can click Ctrl + Shift + ESC for open Task Manager.
  • Press on the Performance tab
  • Click Memory at the left side. If tab is not appear, press on More Details.

The total quantity of RAM you have installed, will display here. Task Manager tells you everything about your RAM like, Speed, the Standard it is using and physical memory Slots you are using. For more information about your RAM timings, in Window 7 or Window 10, Download CPU-Z. In CPU-Z, press Memory tab to see information

RAM Information of Window 10 Via CPU-Z:

  1. Install CPU-Z and run it. You will most likely need the of Classic Version.
  2. Go to the Memory tab to see how many Slots your computer have, downloaded memory type and RAM size. You will see real time information on the running frequency of RAM. Other than that, you will see a detailed breakdown of latency and speed of clock, may you need it.

Check RAM Specs in Window 7,8 and 10.

Firstly, click on Window Key + R for open and run Window. Type cmd and press Enter to open Command Prompt Window.

Check RAM size: Same as, you can check multiple RAM Specs. For instance, you want to check speed and RAM type in your PC or Laptop as follow:

  • Open Command Prompt Window
  • write memory chip get speed, memory type and click Enter. RAM type and speed will be show there.

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