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Deleting a YouTube Channel seem like very difficult, but it is very easy and simple. People can delete a YouTube Channel in a few minutes. If a person follow the given steps, He/She permanently delete His/Her YouTube Channel.

How to Delete a YouTube Channel

Delete YouTube Channel

  • Step 1: First, Sign in to YouTube with the Channel you want to delete
  • Step 2:At the top Right, Press your Account YouTube Settings
  • Step 3: Under Account Settings, Click on Overview
  • Step 4: Choose Advanced given under the Channels name
  • Step 5: At the bottom, Click delete channel. If prompted, give your Sign in details
  • Step 6: Choose, I want To Delete My Content Permanently
  • Step 7: Select the boxes to confirm You want to delete your YouTube Channel
  • Step 8. Select Delete My Channel ( delete my content instead)

Once you deleted your Channel, the data related with the Channel, will still be part of aggregate reports, but will not be part of YouTube Channel. And the Channel URL and Channel name will not searchable or Visible in YouTube Analytics. Before you delete YouTube Channel, carefully think about it. You can regret deleting this material in future. So, having a Digital Copy. The biggest commitment to Delete your Channel is that you wont have access to your old videos and comments. So, think about it carefully and make sure you are ready.

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The option of channel deleting, is clearly deep in setting menu. Under the name of your Channel, you will see a link for View Advanced settings. The last option under the menu, is Delete channel. click on it.

Remove YouTube Account from TV

To sign Out

  • Open the YouTube app on TV
  • choose the left menu
  • Now choose your profile picture to open your accounts page
  • choose your Accounts icon to open your account
  • A the end choose your account from the list and remove account.

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