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If you want to know, How to Delete YouTube Videos, this is the right place. A recent update, enables everyone to delete many videos in one go. Before 2020, deleting videos on YouTube was never so easy. If you want to delete your video, go to your studio, and select the video you want to delete, then go to the right hand side and press on the 3 dots. You will see the menu with the Delete Forever.

delete videos

Several Videos Delete at One time

This is an great addition that you can delete many videos in one Click. Press on delete forever option. If you want to download those videos, you need to do this by choosing one at a time first. Deleting videos includes..

  • Every comment on YouTube video will be deleted
  • all related views and towards your Channel Account will gone
  • all keywords, thumbnails and descriptions will be deleted

Delete your own videos

You can delete any video that you uploaded from your Google Account. If you want to delete a video, it will permanently deleted. If you had like to watch the video later, make sure you saved a backup.

  • Sign-in to your YouTube studio
  • From the left menu, choose videos.
  • Hover over the video you had like to delete and Click MORE Delete forever
  • Check the box to accept that your video will be delete permanently

Delete a YouTube video on your phone

delete videos on phone
  • Start the YouTube app on your phone
  • Click your Account at the Top Right of the Phone and Click your channel
  • Click the Video tab at the top of the phone Screen
  • You will see a list of your videos, select the videos you want to delete and Click the 3 dots to the right of the screen
  • Click Delete


You can delete any videos that you uploaded from your Google Account. But when you delete a video from YouTube, you cannot recover it. You cannot replace a YouTube video. Because when you upload a new video, YouTube will get a new URL.

  • You can Trim video
  • You can use Cards to your video. These Cards show other video titles, and Specific Websites.
  • You can organize and change your video Title and Description.

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