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If you go to your Settings, you can Factory Reset your Laptop. You will only be able for this method when you might easily boot into your system. So, getintopc will provide you all the details.

Factory Reset HP
  1. On your Keyboard, click Windows Key + S.
  2. Write Rest this PC, and press Enter.
  3. Go To the Right-Side and click Get Started.
  4. You can select Keep or Remove options.
  5. Press Next, and then click Reset. Operating System of Laptop will Re-Installed and Laptop will Reset.
  6. Press, Keep My Files and you can keep your personal data.
  7. You may click on Remove everything, when you want to get rid of your Personal Data, Apps and Settings.
  8. You have option to Erase All Files from all drives or just one drive where it installed.
  9. When you click Reset, Process of Resetting Computer will start. It can take time to complete.

There is one more method to Reset your HP Laptop:

  1. Shut down your HP Laptop
  2. Disconnect from all devices like USB and Printers from Laptop
  3. Detach all newly added internal Hardware
  4. Click on the Power button and Turn On your Laptop
  5. When your Computer Starts booting, quickly F11 Key and then select an option
  6. Choose Trouble Shoot
  7. Click Reset this Computer.
  8. You can choose the option of Keep Files or Remove everything
  9. Select Everything when you want to Remove
  10. Click on Keep My Files, if you want to keep them
  11. You can totally clear the Device
  12. Press on Reset

Before you go to Reset your Computer, you should aware why you would do that. may be your Computer has not running smoothly. Assuming there is not an problem that keeps you log in into your Window. It may be a straight forward Solution. there’s always more than one way to Reset your Computer. Simply Power of Laptop. Disconnect all other devices. Power on Your Laptop and click ESC Keys again and again until you see Start Menu. Then Press F11 to choose System Restore.

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