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The Taskbar in Window 10 is Super Adjustable, you can move it easily. You can combine Window into an icon and auto hide it to your full Screen. So, this article is provided by get into pc. This is specifically useful if you use full screen, and want to keep out of Sight the Taskbar when not using.

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Steps to Hide the Taskbar in Window 10:

  1. “Right-Press a Empty Spot on the Taskbar” and open menu of options.
  2. Select Taskbar Settings from the menu. it will opens a new Window.
  3. Press on Automatically Hide the Taskbar in Desktop option. It depends on the configuration of your Computer.

Hide the Taskbar on Some screens

  • Click on, “Show Taskbar on all display” to off or on, it depends on your choice.
  • Choose Monitors hoe much you want, one or both Monitors from the list to Select where the Taskbar buttons will present

Moving the Taskbar if you are not like the Location of Taskbar, you can move it on Screen…

  • Find a Section called “Taskbar Location on Screen”
  • Choose an sharp side of the Screen using the drop down menu. Taskbar can appear here away of the Screen

Automatically Hide the Taskbar in Settings..

  1. For automatically Hide your Taskbar, Right-press on your Computer’s Screen and choose “Personalized” from pop-up menu.
  2. The “Settings” Window will Show. At the left hand, click on an “Taskbar“.
  3. Instead, you can Right-Press the Taskbar itself and, from the menu, choose “Taskbar Settings”.
  4. Now, you will be in the Taskbar Settings menu. From there, click the Sliders to “On” under “automatically Hide the Taskbar in Desktop Mode”.
  5. Now, your Task will Hide automatically.

The Taskbar in Window 10, is a very useful tool, but may be you do not want to see it on your Display every time. So, you can hide it, whenever you want.

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