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So many things are contributes to slow download Speed. Sometimes, it is difficult to know about things, which make your download Speed slow. While checking your internet Speed or restarting your Computer will be a simple fix. It is a getintopc site.

How to Increase Download Speed

Download Speed refers how much megabites, per second it takes your server to Download files to your Computer. There are 15 different ways to Increase your Download Speed.

Increase Your download Speed:

  1. Simply, restart your Computer, and Download with only one browser
  2. Check your Internet Speed. The faster way to Increase Download Speed is to run a Speed text. It can be done by inputing “Internet speed Text in Google”. Press the “Run Speed Text” button for a volume on what your current Download speed.
  3. Your internet connection maybe not able for Large Downloads. You have to Upgrade your Internet Speed. Find your options and see if there are packages available that may support a Large Amount of Data.
  4. if you connected more devices and people with you Internet,, the connection can be Slow. When you Download files, try to disconnect all other devices temporarily.
  5. When you Downloading, disable any application, or the time being. it may helps to increase Download Speed.
  6. Download only One file at once. Maybe your device is not able for Large Downloading files or texts.
  7. Replace your Router or Modem. a Router can connect many devices to your internet. It is not only allows you to connect many devices but it also works as antenna to Boost up the wi-fi range all over your Home.
  8. Viruses can cause to many issues. These Viruses run in background and use your Internet, and Slow down the Speed of Internet.
  9. Clear Cache. In some cases, browser cache will become full and cause Download Speed Slow. For Increase your Downloading Speed, you can clear your Cached Files.
  10. Check you Cable. If you use an Ethernet Cable but still don’t see a change, you may need a Higher-quantity, Shorter Cable.


Slow Download Speed is a bad situation, specially when there is no simple Solution. Keep your Internet Speed Up and make sure your device is compatable with Your Internet Package. With this article, you can be able to fix every problem that causing Download Speed Slow.

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