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In Word, there are some different kind of lines. which you can insert in to MS word which is written by get into pc.

How to Insert a Line

Draw a line on Window:

  • Open Word. Press on Double-Click the Word app icon, which look like a White W in a dark blue background.
  • If you want to Draw a line in an Word document, you will instead Double-Click the word document to open it.

Press on Insert tab:

  • it is at the upper-left side on the Page.

Select the option of Shapes:

  • It is available in Insert toolbar.

Choose a line shape:

  • Click on Lines and Select one of the line Templates.

Draw your Selected line:

  • Press and drag across the place in which you want to Insert the line in Word Documents.
  • you can easily move line by click and drag, and you can adjust the length of line and acquaintance by click and drag one of the circles in the middle or at ends.

Create the different Kind of lines click the related Keys on the Keyboard;

  • plain Single Lines: Three hyphens (—)
  • Plain Double Lines: Three Equal Signs (===)
  • Bold Single Lines: Three Underline Symbols (_ _ _)
  • Broken or Dotted Lines: Three Asterisks (***)

Horizontal Line Tool for Insert a Line in Word…

For draw a line into a Word document, use the built-in Horizontal Line Tool:

  • Put the cursor, where you want to draw a line.
  • Then, Go at the Home tab.
  • At the paragraph group, choose the Borders drop down arrow and Select Horizontal line.
  • For Change the look of your line, Double-tab line in the document.
  • On the Format Horizontal Line Box, you can change, height and color of the line.

You can create horizontal Line in another short way:

Most of users know that the simplest way of insert a basic Horizontal Line. On the page is to use the Keyboard Shortcut of type 3 dashes, and then click Enter and the line will appear.

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