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Most Window users will be aware of this issue. Their Computers clearly slow down and the users cannot see the application which is causing the slow down off computer. Sometimes, window freeze and not responding to your commands.

How to Open Task Manager

The Window Operating system series, make available a practical tool for help you. This simple program provide you an review of all applications running in background and give information about Computer’s Power Consumption.

We will show How to Open Task Manager:

What is Window Task Manager?

When a user uses several programs, these user-controlled processes join a full host of processes that are running in background.

Task Manager:

First, you have to open Task Manager. You have some ways to do this.

  1. Click on Ctrl-Shift-ESC
  2. Click Ctrl-Alt-Delete, and then choose Start Task manager
  3. Click Start, write “Task Manager” in Search bar and click Enter.
  4. Right-press on the Task bar and select Start Task Manager

Use these Steps, and you will open the Task manager.

Important information:

At the bottom of the Task manager, it doesn’t matter which tab you are using, is arrange of dashboard view that displays the current number of running applications, the percentage of used memory and percentage of Physical memory.

How can you Kill the Multiple Tasks at Once:

  1. First, open CMD.
  2. Type Task list to show all running applications on your device.
  3. To kill a Particular Process group.
  4. Type Task kill.

End all Task at Once…

  • Click Ctrl-Alt-Delete
  • Click Alt-T for open Task Manager’s Application tab
  • Click arrow down
  • Then, Shift-Down arrow and Select all the program listed
  • When they are all Selected, Click Alt-E
  • Then Alt-F
  • And at the end, press X to close Task Manager


The Window’s Task Manager is a Powerful Tool with the profitable information. It describes in detail every action of you Computer. Task Manager explains every Feature and Technical term.

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