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Here in this article you will learn How to Select All on Mac. Which is provide by getintopc official site.

How to Select All on Mac

Select all things in Window:

Press Window to make it active and then click command-A. Deselect one thing if multiple options are selected. command click the item.

Select Items on Mac Screen:

For copy, move or make change in items, you have to select them.

  • Select on Items: Press the item. For instance, in the Finder, Press the icon for a folder, app or document.
  • Select more items: click and hold the Command key and then press on the items.
  • Select multiple items that are adjacent: Press the item then click the Shift key and press on the last item. All items are included in Selection.

You may press near the first item, click and hold the mouse button then drag on all items. This method is particularly useful in the icon view in the Finder.

How to Select Photos on Mac?

  1. To choose a Photo, press on it .
  2. To choose several Photos, which are located together next to each other, press on the first Photo and hold down the Shift key while you pick up the Last Photo.
  3. For choose multiple pictures, which are not located together to each other, hold down the command key.

Select All on Mac Word

Select All with Ctrl + A keys and select everything in your documents. So, you can make all the formatting edits which you want at the same time. Pressing this command with your mouse is the same as pressing Ctrl + A at your keyboard cmd + A on a Mac.

Shortcut Keys For Mac:

  • Command-X: Cut the selected items and copy
  • Command-C: Copy the selected items and move it to Clipboard
  • Command-V: Paste the content from Clipboard into the recently added documents or app
  • Command-Z: undo the last Command – Shift – Z to redo

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