How to Turn Off Touch Screen

A touch screen is a best option which allows you to use finger instead of a mouse to go to a laptop’s operating system. So, get into pc best site which has a more than 10K software. If your laptop has a touch screen, it is enabled and turned on by default.

How to Turn Off Touch Screen
  1. On the search box in the taskbar, write Device Manager, and then click Device Manager.
  2. Choose the arrow next to Human Interface Devices and then click on HID-compliant touch screen.
  3. Choose the Action tab in the top of the window. Click on Disable device or Enable device, and then confirm. If there is more than one HID-compliant touchscreen device listed, you can perform steps 2–3 for that one too.

How to enable or disable the touch screen on a your laptop:

If in any case, your touch screen is not working, you may try manually disabling it. You can also try calibrating the touch screen if it is not working in a correct manner.

Or, if you want to enable the touch screen, you can do that as well.
How to disable touch screen:
If you want to Turn of the touch screen of your laptop, you can follow these steps.

  1. Open the Device Manager in your Windows.
  2. Press the arrow at the left of the Human Interface Devices option on the list, to extand and show the hardware devices under that section.
  3. Find and right-press on the HID-compliant touch screen device at the list.
  4. Choose the Disable device option at the pop-up menu.

Calibrate the Touch Screen:

If your touch screen is not working a correct manner, you can try calibrating it to see if that helps solving the problem. Follow these simple steps to adjust the touch screen on your laptop.

  1. First, Open the Control Panel.
  2. Find and choose the Tablet PC Settings option. If using the Category view at the Control Panel, it’s found under Hardware and Sound.
  3. At the Tablet PC Settings window, in the Display tab and under the Display Options section, press the Calibrate button.
  4. Follow all the instructions which are displayed on the screen. You’ll be instructed to click the cross here icon at the screen each time it is displayed in different locations.

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