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If you have any problem to read things on your Computer’s Screen, Window can help you by Zooming display. There are some ways to do Zooming or Enlarging your display. Window has an Tool, which you can Zoom In on the whole desktop and is content, is called Magnifier. It doesn’t mater which browser you use in Window, the method for Zoom In on your browser window will be same.

How to Zoom In on PC
  1. Open the Browser which you want.
  2. Hold CTRL and Click the + Key to Zoom In.
  3. For Zoom Out, hold CTRL and the – Key. The Zoom In an Zoom Out command is available in the browser menu.

Zoom In on Windows using Magnifier..

In the menu search box, write “Magnifier” and Press the Program when it show in the Search results. You can see the Magnifier Controls at the top left of Screen. When you find Magnifier, you can use the + and – buttons for Zooming. You can also Press the View and Select from these options:

zoom in on PC
  • Full Screen: The entire Screen is Zoomed into the Choosen Value
  • Lens: A rectangular “Lens”around mouse Pointer is Zoomed. So, you can Stir the mouse around the Screen for a better look
  • Docked: The Zoomed Lens in Docked to of the Screen instead of moving around to the mouse Pointer. The Docked Screen Shows whoever your mouse pointer located at the Zoom level. For Stop Magnifying on the Screen, Close the Magnifier Program or Click Windows + ESC.

Zoom In on a PC:

  1. Open a Page or the App you want to Zoom In. You may use Keyboard Shortcuts and Gestures to Zoom In and Zoom Out.
  2. Click Ctrl ++ for Zoom In. You can Click on this Keyboard Combination many times to Zoom In for a Closer Look.
  3. Click on Ctrl +- for Zoom Out. You can Zoom Out as far as you had like by Pressing the button. if you have a Touch Screen Display, Pinch Two Fingers on the Display to Zoom Out
  4. Click Ctl + “O” to back the Screen to default Magnification.

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